About Us

D2-2 Development Inc. is interested in establishing relationships with a small number of qualified investors who seek passive income by lending to D2-2 for its development projects. Although returns are not guaranteed, and investing in the real estate market involves risk, the opportunity exists for substantial return on investment.

Description of the Business

  • D2-2 Development Inc. purchases, renovates, and sells single family dwellings.
  • The team has completed seven projects in Philadelphia. Each sold at a profit.
  • Projects are selected by the management team, based on availability and pricing: review of as-complete comparison costs for the prospect neighborhood, less projected remodeling and carrying costs, as compared to the offered price of the prospect property.
  • Management costs (project management, bookkeeping, legal, accounting) are included in the estimated scope.
  • All work is permitted and inspected.
  • Lenders are paid at the sale closing from sale proceeds.

The Team

  • Diane Menke – Project selection and management. Diane has decades of project management experience, co-owns a general contracting and design-build firm, and has valuable relationships with commercial lendors, realtors, trade subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Dana Priesing – Documentation and bookkeeping. Dana is a retired attorney, formerly licensed in Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia, and is experienced in issues related to real estate and renovation.

Qualified investors interested in further discussions should contact Dana Priesing (danapriesing at gmail dot com) or Diane Menke (menke dot diane at gmail dot com).