Sexy, Isn’t It?


Anyone who has been watching the flip and buy hold market in Philadelphia knows these two markets are overheated and frankly “frothy,” and have been for a while. Money is pouring in from off shore and every shoe salesman is now flipping houses. We expect a correction.

To find better opportunities for ROI, D2-2 has expanded its search area and project type. For example: D2-2, teaming with Alex Aberle, agent at Elfant Wissahickon, is currently working on this storage facility project, located close to college dormitories and high density housing and a new commuter train station. This project is a “SLAM DUNK” and provides excellent buy hold rental income.

Every project we find provides different opportunities. Our experienced team works diligently to define “highest and best use” for best ROI.

D2-2 is looking for qualified private investors who want to make money in buy hold properties, and some flips. High net worth individuals provide hard money lending over a long term or short term interval, depending on the project.

Qualified investors interested in further discussions should contact Dana Priesing (danapriesing at gmail dot com) or Diane Menke (menke dot diane at gmail dot com). D2-2 is always locating profitable exciting new projects!